The main function of this product is to integrate a system tools or Radio Access Network Traffic Monitoring & Capacity in customer network. The system is based Automation Engine Report here in after be referred to as EXSYS V2.0. Scope EXSYS V2.0 include:

  1. Automation Engine Report is the process of withdrawal and processing of data from existing data sources in the OSS. Data source here could be a database or a file. This data is then stored into the target database. The limitations in the automation process is as follows
    • The process of downloading data are once a day.
    • The data is the data drawn H – 1.
    • The data are drawn or counter data that has been agreed
  2. Web-based GUI is the interface used by the user to generate the report. The features of the interface are as follows:
    • Homepage, the start page for each user who logs.
    • Report Designer, page for report design. Specification of report can be created by this application are as follows
      • Each report only to one vendor. To display the data of other vendors should be made another separate report.
      • Displays information of attribute, ex: cell, region, lac, bsc, etc.
      • Displays counter information.
      • Displays information KPI / Formula (Predefined).
      • Selecting a time range of data.
      • Attribute filter, ex: pick a particular cell, or a particular region.
      • Busy Hour (Predefined).
  3. Report Distribution. Task Schedule is used to distribute the reports that have been scheduled via FTP and Email. The features of the interface are as follows:
    • Report Viewer via the GUI is the page to display the results of the report from report design that has been made . Components of the view report viewer is as follows:
      • Title report.
      • Report data in tabular form.
      • Exporter to PDF, CSV and MS Excel.
    • Report Scheduler is the page for scheduling report design that has been created previously. Report the results or output of the scheduler can be stored as:
      • File in the server / another computer via FTP.
      • Sent to the email as an attachment.