Qtalk DefenseTM is a mobile communication solution combining telephony, chat and SMS messaging services with sophisticated security mechanisms to protect your organization‘s sensitive and classified information. It is a software-only solution consisting of end user applications which can be installed on common mobile devices and desktop computers, as well as a server platform which can be hosted completely within the customer‘s own premises. Qtalk Defense delivers high voice quality in mobile data networks and it is deployable independently of mobile operators. The product is fully integrated into the mobile operating system of the end user devices and it is suitable for a multitude of networks like EDGE, UMTS, CDMA or Wi-Fi. An intuitive and friendly user interface hides the complexity of the security aspects of the product from the end user. Using the data channel also helps organizations to simultanously optimize their communication costs.

Your benefits
Whilst professionals in different industries need to exchange information anytime and anywhere, their corporations and public institutions are anxious to ensure that all sensitive data is kept secure and private. This concerns not only the communication traversing uncontrolled networks but also a person‘s identity, credentials, permissions and rights. Qtalk Secure protects your organization with a reliable, global, secure network for voice and messaging services. It integrates seamlessly within your existing IT infrastructure and transforms public networks and terminals into highly secure communication channels. The solution protects the data in transit end-to-end with a double layer security architecture, making it practically impossible for internal employees or IT administrators to spy on any aspect of the communication.