Dashboard, CLARISA at the top of the landing page to have a dynamic table with a header consisting of initial columns and value column, each column can be displayed or hidden as desired , change the initialization of each column will change and recalculate the counter value of each column is already selected KPI . The value recalculation has a formula based on each KPI in each group based on the selection of the initial column. For example, if the initial field is shown regionally only, meaning the column value will be recalculated based on the regional.

Initial Column includes regional, kabupaten, cluster and the lowest level is the Micro clusters, each of which can be filtered choose one value from the initial column to view the data counter is chosen. Value column in the form of a counter value of KPI Traffic, Utilization and Performance, each column can also be displayed or hidden, column values can also be filtered with a choice of Top 5 or Top 10 of each KPI value. Each Value of counter data contains information YoY, MoM and WoW with a threshold that can be determined through the parameters to determine whether the value of color is larger or smaller than the second comparison data. Value of the data counter also has a color threshold can also be determined through the parameters.

Area Data Management, which is an ad hoc report may be made templates to generate a custom report with the data from the data source that already exists in the database of CLARISA, reports can be created flexibly by selecting columns and aggregation as well as the filter period can be specified when creating the template. Charts can also be displayed along with the data tables that have been made also in the form of templates. The need for an ad hoc report that is custom at a time when that would not be met with this feature.

Pre-Analyst Report, KPI counter data that has been classified into Cluster Sales can be made pre-analysis to determine: Good or Bad Clusters and divided into some or REGIONAL AREA, adding comments to any pre- analysis can be added by the engineer into a form on the user interface and can be stored into the database . The results of the pre-analysis reports can be exported in Excel or Power Point format to display the table of pre-analysis and the chart.

Re-lookup Monitoring, a change in Cluster, Cluster Micro and Broadband City on master data lookup in each month, then the feature classification Re-lookup these data can be done with reference to a CSV file (Lac-Ci Update) or folder with TAB format (Map Info) automatically with the CLARISA trigger via the user interface.

Chart Trend Table & Export, Trend Chart for now only displays Chart with value aggregation results Sales Cluster, Cluster Micro and Broadband City, the next development that displays the table of Chart and can be exported in Excel format.

Promo, prior information in the form of freely promo customer excel and have no relation with the data traffic customer, customer promo information management can be added by importing csv formatted file containing the recaps promos in one week, then the information will be displayed in the form of promo timeline, information can also be related promo when looking at the data traffic in the form of tables and charts trends.

Broadband  City, changes in the view broadband city with more detailed aggregation up to the level of a point of interest displayed in table form, of any selected aggregation will be re-calculation of the value of each KPI.