The SmartBox Solution integrates phone calls via digital line module, becoming a feature-rich Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system that supports seamless communications between conventional phone lines, IP Phone, and other telecommunication devices, all features and functionalities that otherwise not available in conventional PBX. The interconnectivity enabled by Brikerbox provides users with the ability to call PSTN, GSM, CDMA or other IP extensions, through IP Phone, softphone or analog phone connected via Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA). Brikerbox comprises different kinds of solution: the Brikerbox Enterprise Series, the Brikerbox SME Series, and Brikerbox Small Office Home Office (SOHO) Series, all solution ideal for business entities of various scale seeking to minimize their telecommunication cost. Depending on the needs, the Brikerbox Solution is ideal for a variety of users, ranging from multinational corporation and governmental offices to schools and hospitals. Brikerbox can be used for call center, contact center, users’ internal communication, building management and many other needs requiring cost-effective communication management.